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KooData is a Finnish word meaning “to encode". We are committed to simplifying the complexities of Internet advertising data and turn it into something friendly and easy to understand.

Our many diverse tools such as: Google AdWords, Yahoo Keyword Advertising, Facebook, Google Analytics and our experienced team combined with a plethora of data, help us deliver high quality advertising and diagnostic systems.

We believe that in the ever changing online marketing era advertisers should always be on the look for new and better advertising models as they help their clients grow. And to be honest, it is quite the task.

KooData’s values are to make complex things simple, handle a vast jumble of information and sort it out effectively and to continue providing our clients with high quality traffic that leads to abundant profit.

Our Ideals


We provide integrated solutions and a competitive analysis report based on the client's industry demands. All guaranteed to make you understand.


No hidden costs, nothing on the sly.

Sustained Progress

You do not have to worry about the new media technologies, it is our job to track them and give you recommendations.



Your performance is our performance. We will always take action quickly.

Our Services

Google records billions of searches yearly, half of them are made on mobile devices. A 2015 report on smartphone use found that 8 out of 10 people in Taiwan use smartphones daily. 

“Mobile devices first” Smart phones have completely changed our lives, seizing business opportunities on mobile devices has now become the new norm, not just another fad.


Youtube is by far the most popular video platform in Taiwan, every month there are over 720 million new video views and 930 million unique visits. If your goal is to reach a wide audience, Youtube is definetely the place to be for internet video advertising. 

Youku Tudou Youku Tudou is the largest audio-visual platform in Mainland China. Besides user uploaded videos, Youku Tudou also offers a vast collection of TV series , variety shows, movies, animation and many other entertainment options. 


Facebook The social network of preference Taiwan. The number of monthly active users surpasses 16 million. Naturally, running ads on facebook is a smart way to communicate and get the attention of your potential customers. 


Instagram More than 300 million people worlwide use Instagram, a free video and photo sharing app. You can share your story and give a great impression of your brand to new customers. Instagram also offers the flexibility of cross posting your ads to facebook and make an even bigger impression.


Search result ads make it easier for people who need your product or service to find you. You will never have to worry that your website is being buried beneath the vast amount of other websites on the internet. We will help you rise to the top. When users search on Google or Yahoo for keywords related to your industry, your ad will appear below the search bar and users interested in your ad will click it and be directed to your website.


Google Display Network grab the attention of your potential customers by placing image ads that link to the page you want to promote. Traditional banner Ads could only link to a website; but now users can be directed to an app download or experience more interactive ads. This, in turn may drive up your sales volume.

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